Conversion tables between the 1991 and 2000 versions of the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC)

Items appearing in the 2000a (January) and later issues of Mathematical Reviews and in the 2000:01 and later issues of Current Mathematical Publications are classified using MSC2000, which is a revision of the 1991 MSC. The great majority of the over 5000 classification codes in the 1991 MSC remain valid in MSC2000. However, over 400 classification codes from the 1991 MSC do not appear in MSC2000 and there are over 1000 new classification codes in MSC2000.

To help users of the MSC, the editors of Mathematical Reviews have constructed conversion tables. One table gives for each 1991 code that does not appear in MSC2000 the code(s) in MSC2000 that are most likely to be used for items that would previously have been classified using the code that is now invalid. The other table gives for each new code in MSC2000 the codes in the 1991 MSC that are most likely to have been used earlier for items classified using the new code. The description associated with each code can be found by clicking on 1991 MSC or MSC2000, as appropriate.

Conversion table from new classification codes in MSC2000 to 1991 MSC codes.

Old (invalid) 1991 MSC Classifications --> MSC2000 Classifications

Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
03B46 Relevance and entailment03B47
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
04-XX Set theory 03Exx
04-00 General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.)03-00
04-01 Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.)03-01
04-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles)03-02
04-03 {Historical (must also be assigned at least one classification number from Section 01)}03-03
04-04 {Explicit machine computation and programs (not~the~theory of computation or programming)}03-04
04-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc.03-06
04A03 Set algebra03E20
04A05 Relations, functions 03E20
04A10 Ordinal and cardinal numbers; generalizations 03E10
04A15 Descriptive set theory; Borel classifications, Suslin schemes, etc. 03E15
04A20 Combinatorial set theory 03E05
04A25 Axiom of choice and equivalent propositions (Zorn's lemma, etc.) 03E25
04A30 Continuum hypothesis, generalized continuum hypothesis 03E30
04A72 Fuzzy sets, fuzzy relations 03E72
04A99 {Miscellaneous topics }03E99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
06A08 Shellable posets, Cohen-Macaulay posets 06A11
06A09 Cohomology of posets 06A11
06A23 Complete lattices, completions06B23
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
13A20 Brauer groups 14F22, 16K50
13B15 Ramification theory13B02
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
14C10 Equivalence relations14C15
14D25 Geometric invariants 14L24
14E09 Automorphisms 14H37, 14J50
14E10 General correspondences14E05
14E35 Results in dimension $\leq 3$14J30
14E40 Local structure of maps: \'etale, flat, etc. 14B25
14F32 Intersection (co)homology 14F43
14H35 Correspondences 14E05
14J05 Picard group 14C22
14L27 Automorphism groups 14H37, 14J50
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
16D15 1-sided ideals16D25
16E70 Other rings of low global or flat dimension16E10
16U50 Algebraicity and local finiteness 16U99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
17A10 Commutative power-associative17A05
17A25 Nodal algebras17A99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
20D50 Covering of subgroups20E07
20F32 Geometric group theory 20F65
20J10 Groups arising as cohomology groups20J05
20K05 Finitely generated groups20K21
20K12 Ulm sequences20K10
20K26 Indecomposable groups20K25
20LXX Groupoids (i.e.\ small categories in which all morphisms are isomorphisms) 20L05
20L10 Connections with group theory20L05
20L13 Mappings of groupoids20L05
20L15 Connections with topology20L05
20L17 Connections with category theory20L05
20L99 {None of the above, but in this section}20L05
20N07 Mappings of loops20N05
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
32C10 Complex manifolds 32Qxx
32C16 CR-manifolds32Vxx
32C17 K\"ahler geometry 32Q15
32E25 Algebras of holomorphic functions 32A38
32F05 Plurisubharmonic functions and generalizations 32U05
32F07 Complex Monge-Amp\`ere operator32W20
32F15 Pseudoconvex domains32Txx
32F20 $\overline\partial$- and $\overline\partial \sb b$-Neumann problems 32W05, 32W10
32F25 Real submanifolds in complex manifolds32V40
32F30 Pseudoconvex manifolds32Txx
32F40 CR structures, (tangential) CR operators and generalizations32V05
32H10 Bergman kernel function, representative domains32A25
32H15 Invariant metrics and pseudodistances32F45
32H20 Hyperbolic complex manifolds32Q45
32J20 Algebraicity criteria32J99
32L07 Hermite-Einstein bundles; K\"ahler-Einstein metrics 32Q20, 32Q25
32L30 Holomorphic foliations 32S65
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
33D10 Basic theta functions33D15
33D20 Generalized basic hypergeometric series 33D99
33D55 Basic spherical functions, spherical harmonics (continuous and discrete)33D50 33D52
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
34A20 Differential equations in the complex domain 32G34, 34Mxx
34A46 Theoretical solution methods other than approximations34A99
34A47 Bifurcation34C23, 37Gxx
34A50 Numerical approximation of solutions 37Mxx, 65Lxx, 65Pxx
34A65 Stiff equations65L06
34C35 Dynamical systems 37-XX, 54H20
34C50 Method of accelerated convergence34C99, 37J40
34D25 Popov-type stability34D99, 93D10
34K15 Qualitative theory34K11, 34K12, 34K13, 34K14, 34K17, 34K18, 34K19, 34K23, 37Cxx, 37Gxx
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
35A40 Numerical approximation to solutions 65Mxx, 65Nxx
35H05 Hypoelliptic equations and systems 35Hxx
35K22 Evolution equations (any order in the spatial derivatives) 35K90 35K99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
42A28 Absolute convergence, absolute summability42A20, 42A24
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
45LXX Approximation of solutions45L05, 65R20, 65Rxx
45L10 Numerical approximation of solutions 65R20, 65Rxx
45L99 {None of the above, but in this section}65R20, 65Rxx
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
46L50 Noncommutative measure, integration and probability46L51, 46L52, 46L53, 46L54
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
47A63 Operator inequalities, operator means, shorted operators, etc.47A63, 47A64
47D15 Linear spaces of operators 47L05
47D20 Convex sets and cones of operators 47L07
47D25 Operator algebras on Hilbert space 47L25, 47L30, 47L35, 47L40
47D27 Dual operator algebras47L45
47D30 Operator algebras on Banach spaces and other linear topological spaces47L10
47D35 Dual spaces of operator algebras and topological groups47L50
47D40 Algebras of unbounded operators47L60
47D45 Applications of operator algebras to physics 47L90, 47N50, 47N55
47D50 Operator ideals47L20
47H12 Spectral theory of nonlinear operators 47J10
47H15 Equations involving nonlinear operators 47J05, 47Jxx
47H17 Methods for solving equations involving nonlinear operators 47J25, 65J15
47H19 Inequalities involving nonlinear operators 47J20, 49J40
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
49L05 Free problems and problems involving ordinary differential equations49J05, 49J10, 49J15, 49K05, 49K10, 49K15
49L10 Free problems and problems involving partial differential equations49J20, 49K20
49L15 Problems in abstract spaces or problems involving functional relations other than differential equations49J27, 49K27
49M07 Gradient methods90C30, 90C52, 90C53, 90C55
49M10 Methods of steepest descent type90C30, 90C52, 90C53, 90C55
49M35 Methods of linear programming type 90C05, 90C08
49M39 Semi-infinite programming 90C34
49M40 Methods of quadratic programming type 90C20, 90C55
49M45 Methods of convex programming type 90C25, 90C55
49M49 Geometric programming 90C30
49N40 Open-loop controls93C15
49N50 Inverse problems in optimal control theory49N45
49N55 Noneconomic applications of optimal control theory and differential games 49N90
49N65 Applications of measurable selections to control theory 49J52
49Q25 Surface area 49Q05
49RXX Variational methods 49R50
49R05 Variational approach to eigenvalues49R50
49R10 Rayleigh-Ritz methods49R50
49R15 Weinstein and Aronszajn methods, intermediate problems49R50
49R20 Linear operators in Hilbert spaces49R50
49R99 {None of the above, but in this section}49R50
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
52B30 Arrangements of hyperplanes52C35
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
53A50 Spinor analysis53Q27
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
55P50 Category and cocategory, etc.55M30
55Q30 Homotopy groups of triads, $n$-ads55Q05
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
58B30 Noncommutative differential geometry and topology 58B32, 58B34
58C27 Singularities of differentiable maps 58Kxx
58C28 Catastrophes 58K35
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
58FXX Ordinary differential equations on manifolds; dynamical systems 28Dxx, 34Cxx, 37-XX, 54H20
58F03 One-dimensional dynamics, general symbolic dynamics 37A05, 37B10, 37E05, 37E10, 37E15, 37E20, 37E25
58F05 Hamiltonian and Lagrangian systems; symplectic geometry 37Jxx, 37Kxx, 53Dxx, 70Hxx
58F06 Geometric quantization (applications of representation theory) 53D50, 81S10
58F07 Completely integrable systems (including systems with an infinite number of degrees of freedom) 35Q51, 35Q53, 35Q55, 35Q58, 37J30, 37J35, 37K10, 37K15, 37K20, 37K25, 37K30, 37K35, 37K40, 70H06
58F08 Point-mapping properties, iterations, completeness; dynamics of cellular automata 37B15, 37C99, 37E99
58F09 Morse-Smale systems37D15
58F10 Stability theory34Dxx, 37C75, 37D99, 37E99, 37H99, 37J25, 37K45, 37L15
58F11 Ergodic theory; invariant measures 37Axx, 28Dxx
58F12 Structure of attractors (and repellors)34D45, 35B41, 37B25, 37C70, 37D45, 37G35, 37L25, 37L30
58F13 Strange attractors; chaos and other pathologies 34C28, 37Dxx, 37D45, 70K55
58F14 Bifurcation theory and singularities34C23, 34K18, 35B32, 37Gxx, 37H20, 37J20, 37K50, 37L10, 37M20, 70K50
58F15 Hyperbolic structures (expanding maps, Anosov systems, etc.)37Dxx
58F17 Geodesic and horocycle flows37D40, 53D25
58F18 Relations with foliations37C85, 57R30
58F19 Eigenvalue and spectral problems37C99
58F20 Periodic points and zeta functions37C25, 37C30
58F21 Limit cycles, singular points, etc.34C05, 37C25, 37C27, 37G15, 70K05
58F22 Periodic solutions34C25, 34C27, 37G15
58F23 Holomorphic dynamics 30D05, 32H05, 32H04, 32H40, 37Fxx
58F25 Flows37A10, 37A17, 37B99, 37C10, 37C55, 37C65, 37D99, 37E35, 37H99
58F27 Quasiperiodic flows37C55
58F30 Perturbations34C29, 37J40, 37K55, 37L50, 70H08, 70H09, 70K60, 70K65, 70K70
58F32 Functional-differential equations on manifolds34K99
58F35 Invariance properties34A26, 34C14, 37C80, 37G40, 37J15, 37K05, 37L20, 70H33
58F36 Normal forms34C20, 34K17, 34M35, 37G05, 37J40, 37K50, 37K99, 37L10, 58K50, 70K45
58F37 Correspondences and other transformation methods (e.g.\ Lie-B\"acklund)34A25, 35A30, 35Q99, 37K35, 58J72
58F39 Dynamical systems treatment of PDE (should be assigned another number from 58F) 37Kxx, 37Lxx, 47H20, 58D07, 58D25
58F40 Applications37Nxx
58F99 {None of the above, but in this section}37-XX
58GXX Partial differential equations on manifolds; differential operators 58Jxx
58G03 Elliptic equations on manifolds, general theory58J05
58G05 Differential complexes 58J10
58G07 Relations with hyperfunctions 58J15
58G10 Index theory and related fixed-point theorems 58J20
58G11 Heat and other parabolic equation methods58J35
58G12 Exotic index theories 58J22
58G15 Pseudodifferential and Fourier integral operators on manifolds 58J40
58G16 Hyperbolic equations58J45
58G17 Propagation of singularities; initial value problems58J47
58G18 Perturbations; asymptotics58J37
58G20 Boundary value problems on manifolds58J32
58G25 Spectral problems; spectral geometry; scattering theory 58J50, 58J53
58G26 Determinants and determinant bundles58J52
58G28 Bifurcations 58J55
58G30 Relations with special manifold structures (Riemannian, Finsler, etc.)58J60
58G32 Diffusion processes and stochastic analysis on manifolds58J65
58G35 Invariance and symmetry properties 58J70
58G37 Correspondences and other transformation methods (e.g.\ Lie-B\"acklund) 58J72
58G40 Applications58J90
58G99 {None of the above, but in this section}58J99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
60J15 Random walks60G50
60J30 Processes with independent increments 60G51
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
62AXX Foundations62A01
62A05 Invariance and group considerations62A01
62A10 The likelihood approach62A01
62A15 The Bayesian approach62A01
62A20 The classical approach62A01
62A25 The structural approach62A01
62A30 The fiducial approach62A01
62A99 {None of the above, but in this section}62A01
62B20 Measure-theoretic results, etc.62B05, 62B99
62E25 Monte Carlo studies65C05, 65C10, 65C60
62E30 Formal computational methods (polykays, etc.)62E99
62F04 Small-sample properties of tests62F03
62F11 Small-sample properties of estimators62F10
62H40 Projection pursuit62H99
62N10 Quality control62P30
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
65G05 Roundoff error65G50
65G10 Interval and finite arithmetic65G20, 65G30, 65G40
65P05 Partial differential equations, miscellaneous problems65M99, 65N99, 65Z05
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
65T10 Trigonometric approximation and interpolation65T40
65T20 Discrete and fast Fourier transforms65T50, 65T60
65U05 Numerical methods in probability and statistics65Cxx, 65C30, 65C40, 65C50, 65C60
65Y25 Computer graphics and computational geometry 65D18
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
68M05 General68M01
68N05 General theory of programming68N01
68Q20 Nonnumerical algorithms 68W01, 68W05, 68W20, 68W25
68Q22 Parallel and distributed algorithms 68W10, 68W15
68Q35 VLSI algorithms68W35
68Q40 Symbolic computation, algebraic computation 68W30
68Q50 Grammars 68Q42, 68Q45
68Q52 Parsing 68N20
68Q68 Automata theory, general 68Q45
68Q75 Stochastic and nondeterministic automata68Q45
68Q90 Transition nets68Q85
68S05 Mathematical linguistics 68T50
68T25 AI languages68T35
68U30 Other applications68U99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
70DXX Dynamics of a particle 70Fxx, 70Kxx
70D05 Newtonian dynamics70F99, 70K99
70D10 Lagrangian dynamics70H03, 70K99
70D99 {None of the above, but in this section}70F99
70E10 Motion of projectiles and rockets70E15, 70M20, 70P05
70F30 Impulsive motion34A37, 70F35, 70F99
70G05 Riemannian geometry, tensorial methods 37J05, 70G45, 53C80, 53Dxx
70G15 Space of events70G10
70G20 Impulse-energy space37J05, 70G10
70G25 Configuration space37J05, 70G10
70G30 State space70G10
70G35 Phase space37J05, 53D99, 70G10
70G50 Classical field theories (general)70Sxx, 78A25, 81T13
70H10 Liouville's theorem37J05, 70G10, 70H05
70H35 Lagrange's equation of motion37Jxx, 70H03
70J05 Finite degree of freedom systems70Jxx
70K10 Limit cycles34C05, 70K05
70K15 Lyapunov theorems34D20, 37J25, 70K20
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
73-XX Mechanics of solids74-XX
73-00 General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.)74-00
73-01 Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.)74-01
73-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles)74-02
73-03 {Historical (must also be assigned at least one classification number from Section 01)}74-03
73-04 {Explicit machine computation and programs (not~the~theory of computation or programming)}74-04
73-05 Experimental papers74-05
73-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc.74-06
73A05 Axiomatics, foundations of solid mechanics74Axx
73BXX Continuum mechanics of solids (constitutive description and properties)74Axx
73B05 Constitutive equations74A20, 74C99, 74D05, 74D10, 74Q15
73B10 Symmetry groups74A99, 74E10, 74E15
73B18 Nonlocal theories74A30
73B25 Polar theories74A35
73B27 Nonhomogeneous materials; homogenization35B27, 74A40, 74E05, 74Qxx, 78A48, 78M40
73B30 Thermodynamics of solids 74A15, 74A50, 74A65, 74F05, 74Nxx
73B35 Random materials74A40, 74E35, 82D30
73B40 Anisotropic materials74E10
73B50 Stress concentrations74A10, 74G70, 74H35
73B99 {None of the above, but in this section}74A99, 74D99, 74E99
73CXX Elasticity 74Bxx, 74Gxx, 74Hxx
73C02 Classical linear elasticity74B05, 74Gxx, 74Hxx
73C05 Stress functions74A10, 74B10
73C10 Saint-Venant's principle74G50
73C15 Uniqueness theorems74G30, 74H25
73C35 Mixed boundary value problems 74Bxx, 74Gxx, 74Hxx
73C50 Nonlinear elasticity74B20, 74G99, 74H99
73C99 {None of the above, but in this section}74B99, 74G99, 74H99
73DXX Wave propagation in and vibrations of solids73Hxx, 73Jxx
73D05 Impact and explosion problems 74J40, 74M20
73D10 Integral transforms74H99, 74S30
73D15 Body waves74H99, 74J10
73D20 Surface waves74H99, 74J15
73D25 Wave diffraction and dispersion74H99, 74J20
73D30 Linear vibrations 74H45, 74H50, 74K99
73D35 Nonlinear vibrations 74H45, 74H50, 74K99
73D40 Singular surfaces74H99, 74J40, 74J99
73D50 Inverse problems 34A55, 35R30, 74J25
73D70 Random waves74H50, 74J99
73D99 {None of the above, but in this section}74H99, 74J99
73EXX Plasticity74Cxx
73E05 Constitutive specifications (yield criteria, flow rules, hardening, softening)74C99
73E10 Method of successive approximations74C99, 74S30
73E20 Limit analysis74C99, 74R20
73E50 Time-dependent problems74C99, 74H99
73E60 Viscoplasticity74C10
73E70 Plastic waves74C99, 74H99, 74J99
73E99 {None of the above, but in this section}74C99
73FXX Viscoelasticity74Dxx
73F05 Creep and relaxation functions74D05, 74D10
73F10 Correspondence principle74D99
73F15 Time-dependent problems74Dxx, 74H99
73F20 Aging of materials74D99
73F25 Environmental-dependent materials74D99
73F99 {None of the above, but in this section}74D99
73GXX Finite deformations74B20, 74C15, 74C20, 74D10
73G05 Finite elasticity74B20, 74G99, 74H99
73G20 Finite plasticity74C15, 74C20, 74G99, 74H99
73G25 Finite viscoelasticity74D10, 74G99, 74H99
73G99 {None of the above, but in this section}74B99, 74D99, 74G99, 74H99
73HXX Stability (linear and nonlinear)74B99, 74G60, 74H55
73H05 Buckling74G60
73H10 Dynamic stability74H55
73H99 {None of the above, but in this section}74G60, 74H99
73KXX Mechanics of structures74Kxx
73K03 Strings74K05
73K05 Beams, columns, rods74K10
73K10 Plates, discs, membranes74K15, 74K20
73K12 Dynamics of structures74Hxx, 74H99, 74K99
73K15 Shells74K25
73K20 Composite structures and materials74A40, 74E30, 74Q15, 74Q20
73K35 Random vibrations74H50
73K40 Optimization 49Q10, 74K99, 74Pxx
73K50 Control of structures74M05, 93C20, 93C95
73K70 Aero- or hydromechanic structure interactions74F10, 76B99, 76D99, 76N99
73K99 {None of the above, but in this section}74K99
73M25 Fracture mechanics74Rxx
73N20 Geophysical solid mechanics 74L05, 86A99
73P20 Biomechanics of solids 74L15, 92C10
73Q05 Soil and rock mechanics 74L10
73R05 Electromagnetic elasticity74F15, 78A99
73S10 Micromechanics of solids74A60, 74M25, 74N15
73T05 Contact and surface mechanics74A55, 74M10, 74M15
73VXX Basic methods in solid mechanics 74Sxx
73V05 Finite element methods74S05
73V10 Boundary element methods74S15
73V15 Finite difference methods74S20
73V20 Other numerical methods74S10, 74S25, 74S30
73V25 Variational methods74G99, 74H99, 74Pxx
73V30 Stochastic analysis74A40, 74H50, 73S30
73V35 Complex variable techniques74G99, 74H99
73V99 {None of the above, but in this section}74S99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
76B05 Airfoil theory76B10
76B35 Random waves, inviscid fluids76B15, 76M35
76B40 Added mass computations76B99
76CXX Incompressible inviscid fluids, vorticity flows76Bxx
76C05 Vorticity flows76B47
76C10 Internal waves76B55
76C15 Atmospheric waves76B60, 86A10
76C20 Rossby waves76B65, 86A05, 86A10
76C99 {None of the above, but in this section}76B99
76D15 Boundary-layer separation and reattachment76D10
76D20 Higher-order effects in boundary layers76D10
76D30 Singular perturbation problems76D10, 76M45
76D35 Random waves, viscous fluids76D33, 76M35
76E10 Inertial instability76E17, 76E99
76T05 Two-phase and multiphase flows76Txx
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
78-08 Computational methods78Mxx
78AXX 78Axx, 78Mxx
80-08 Computational methods80Mxx
80A15 Thermodynamics of mixtures80A10
80A97 Mathematically heuristic classical thermodynamics (must also be assigned at least one other classification number in this section)80A99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
85A45 Radio astronomy85A04
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
90AXX Mathematical economics 91Bxx
90A05 Decision theory 91B06
90A06 Individual preferences91B08
90A07 Group preferences91B10
90A08 Social choice91B14
90A09 Finance, portfolios, investment91B28
90A10 Utility theory91B16
90A11 Production theory, theory of the firm91B38
90A12 Price theory and market structure91B24
90A14 Equilibrium: general theory91B50
90A15 General economic models, trade models91B60
90A16 Dynamic economic models, growth models91B62
90A17 Multisectoral models91B66
90A19 Statistical models; economic indexes and measures91B82
90A20 Economic time series analysis 91B84
90A25 Spatial models91B72
90A27 Public goods91B18
90A28 Voting theory91B12
90A30 Environmental economics (natural resource models, harvesting, pollution, etc.)91B76
90A35 Informational economics91B44
90A36 Incentives theory91B99
90A40 Consumer behavior, demand theory91B42
90A43 Expected utility; risk-averse utility91B16
90A46 Risk theory91B30
90A50 Labor market91B40
90A53 Special types of economies91B54
90A56 Special types of equilibria91B52
90A58 Models of real-world systems; general macro-economic models, etc.91B74
90A60 Market models (auctions, bargaining, bidding, selling, etc.)91B26
90A70 Macro-economic policy-making, taxation91B64
90A80 Resource allocation91B32
90A99 {None of the above, but in this section}91B99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
90B12 Communication networks 90B18
90C28 Geometric programming90C30
90C42 Markov programming and Markov renewal programming90C40
90C45 Continuous programming90C30
90DXX Game theory91Axx
90D05 $2$-person games91A05
90D06 $n$-person games, $n>2$91A06
90D10 Noncooperative games91A10
90D12 Cooperative games91A12
90D13 Games with infinitely many players91A13
90D15 Stochastic games 91A15
90D20 Multistage and repeated games91A20
90D25 Differential games 91A23, 49N70
90D26 Pursuit and evasion games91A24
90D35 Decision theory for games 91A35
90D40 Game-theoretic models 91A40
90D42 Positional games91A24
90D43 Games involving graphs91A43
90D44 Games involving topology or set theory91A44
90D46 Combinatorial games91A46
90D50 Discrete-time games91A50
90D55 Games of timing91A55
90D60 Probabilistic games; gambling91A60
90D65 Hierarchical games91A65
90D70 Spaces of games91A70
90D80 Applications of game theory91A80
90D99 {None of the above, but in this section}91A99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
92GXX Social and behavioral sciences: methodology 91Cxx
92G05 Measurement theory91C05
92G15 One- and multidimensional scaling91C15
92G20 Test theory91C99
92G25 Questionnaire analysis91C99, 94A50
92G30 Clustering 91C20
92G40 Q-analysis91C99
92G99 {None of the above, but in this section}91C99
92HXX Mathematical sociology (including anthropology)91Dxx
92H10 Models of societies, social and urban evolution91D10
92H20 Mathematical geography and demography91D20
92H25 Spatial models 91D25
92H30 Social networks91D30
92H35 Manpower systems 91D35
92H99 {None of the above, but in this section}91D99
92JXX Mathematical psychology91Exx
92J10 Cognitive psychology91E10
92J30 Psychophysics and psychophysiology; perception91E30
92J40 Memory and learning 91E40
92J45 Measurement and performance91E45
92J99 {None of the above, but in this section}91E99
92KXX Other social and behavioral sciences (mathematical treatment)91Fxx
92K10 History, political science 91F10
92K20 Linguistics 91F20
92K99 {None of the above, but in this section}91F99
Invalid 1991 MSC MSC2000
93A20 Cascaded systems93A14, 93A13
93A25 Input-output systems93A10, 93A99
93B06 Relations between controllability and optimal solutions93B05, 49J15
93C22 Systems governed by integral equations93C30
93C45 Time-invariant93C05
93C50 Time-dependent93C05
93C60 Continuous-time93C05, 93C10
93C90 Random disturbances in control systems93C41, 93E10
93D22 Interrelations between stability problems and optimization problems93D05, 49J15
93E05 Stochastic games, stochastic differential games 91A15
93E23 Stochastic gradient methods93E25
93E30 Computer simulations of stochastic systems93E99

Some additional correspondences for classifications valid in both 1991 and 2000 MSC

1991 MSC MSC2000
01A65 Contemporary01A65, 01A61
01A67 Future prospectives01A67, 01A61
1991 MSC MSC2000
65CXX Numerical simulation 65Cxx, 65U05
65F15 Eigenvalues, eigenvectors65F15, 65F18
65F20 Overdetermined systems, pseudoinverses65F20, 65F22
65J20 Improperly posed problems65J20, 65J22
65L08 Improperly posed problems65L08, 65L09
65M30 Improperly posed problems65M30, 65M32
65R30 Improperly posed problems65R30, 65R32
1991 MSC MSC2000
94A12 Signal theory (characterization, reconstruction, etc.)94A08, 94A12
94A60 Cryptography 94A60, 94A62