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The Joint Archives Committee of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America was established in 1991 with the following charge:


The current members are:
Gert Almkvist (AMS)
Victor Katz (MAA)
Albert C. Lewis (MAA)
Karen Parshall (MAA)
Everett Pitcher (AMS) Chair
John W. Weigel II (AMS)


The committee maintains a listing of archival collections in North America and makes available a guide for potential donors of mathematical papers. Under an earlier chair, Sandford Segal, it published the article "Why Archive?" by Albert C. Lewis in The Notices of the AMS, 40(1993): 847--9 and in FOCUS,   vol. 13, No. 4 (1993): 11--12.

We would especially welcome hearing about papers that ought to be considered for preservation. The committee is prepared to assist by giving advice, making contact with a suitable repository, or assisting financially in the preparation of papers for deposition.

How to Provide Further Information for the List of Collections

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