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Archiving the History of Mathematics

How to Provide Further Information for the List of Collections

The AMS—MAA Joint Archives Committee welcomes learning of original material that is not represented on its List of Collections. This initial list was intended only for collections devoted exclusively to mathematics and mathematicians but we would like to extend it to include any collections that contain mathematical material, for example to include a pointer to the personal papers of a non-mathematician who corresponded with a mathematician.

A typical archival collection consists of original materials such as drafts of published papers, letters, diaries, photographs, audio or video recordings, computer files, and lecture notes. Sometimes books and mathematical instruments (such as older calculators and geometrical models) are part of such a collection, but generally such items are well looked after by libraries, museums, or special institutions (such as the Charles Babbage Institute for the History of Information Processing), but we will gladly collect information on such material in cases where they may have been overlooked by others.

Any suggestions for additions or changes to the list may be sent to Albert C. Lewis.

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