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In Guides to the Mathematical Literature you will find links to Abstracting, Reviewing and Database Services. These services may provide abstracts of papers and monographs, specialist reviews, access to papers in electronic formats, document delivery, access to additional bibliographic databases, and other products. Please note that you may be able to access only the initial informational and demonstration pages of these services unless you (or your institution) have a subscription.
Under Bibliographies you will find links to pages that contain lists of citations, usually arranged by mathematical topic.
Miscellaneous Lists provides links to guides of general interest, including sources for frequently asked questions (FAQs), quotations, etc.

There are several sorts of Mathematical Literature on the Web.
Journals contains a list of mathematics journals with articles on the Web and a list of printed journals. It enables you to access information on, and/or contained in, these journals (e.g., depending on the journal's policies, tables of contents of issues, abstracts of papers, full texts of papers, information for submission and subscription, etc.).
Mathematics Books lists some sources for books on the Web. There are a few electronic books already available, but the primary sources remain the publishers, whether fully commercial or university publishers; in addition, book dealers can provide out-of-print and antiquarian material. Of course, libraries are the most important resource for the literature of mathematics.
The Preprint page lists sites providing electronic mathematics preprints. It facilitates your access to these.

In addition, there is now a new publication life on the Web. There are several AMS Feature Column that comes out monthly.MAA Columns are written for the average mathematician and range widely and interestingly over the subject. The AMS is publishing a monthly magazine Math in the Media about mathematics in the media, with popinters to various other sources. Then there is online Mathematical Imagery, which displays artefacts and treasures to make them widely accessible, and sometimes in ways previously inconceivable.

The Literature not on the Web can be obtained through Document Delivery services, and, most importantly, from Libraries, whose catalogues may be accessible electronically.
There are lists of Publishers, of Book Dealers, and some Software Companies.

Mathematics by Points of View arranges access to the literature in different ways. Mathematics by MSC Classification lists main sections of the Mathematics Subject Classification with links to electronic journals, preprints, web sites and pages, databases and other pertinent material in the corresponding field. Another page deals with materials organized by Mathematical Topics
There are also the special approaches through History of mathematics and through Software for Mathematics.

To help find Mathematics People there are Addresses, home pages, e-mail, etc.. Contact with others is also possible through Discussion Groups.

The Reference Literature section is designed to contain reference materials that might be used by a mathematician at work. Information on classification schemes for mathematics and for related areas is provided, along with access to mathematical materials organized by classification. Most of the entries in this section are web versions of items that would be found on the reference shelf of the library, such as dictionaries and handbooks.

Listed in the Web servers sections are for university and college mathematics departments other mathematical institutes and centers, and societies for mathematics and related disciplines. A number of other Web and Gopher servers are listed that give access to information about mathematics, mathematical institutions and mathematicians.

In addition there are some pointers to Related Resources which may be of interest to mathematicians roaming the Web. These include TeX and MathML resources and various other Tools , with listings of Computer companies and material related to computers, and, finally, material about The Web on which all of this is to be found, and Searching it.

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