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There are a number of commands available in Majordomo that you can use to subscribe and unsubscribe, to see what lists you are on, and to get more information about a specific list. For a description of commands in Majordomo send mail to: Enter the word help as a single-line message. The message subject text is ignored.

Lists Available on e-MATH

Several mathematics-related mail lists are run under Majordomo by the AMS on e-MATH, some of which are managed or moderated by someone other than the AMS.
For a complete list, send mail to: Enter the word
as a single-line message. The message subject text is ignored.

To subscribe to one of the lists, called say listname, send a message to containing a single line of the form
subscribe listname

The active list names below are arranged so that, if your browser can support this feature, a mail window allowing you to post a message to the list will appear when you click on the list name. This does not subscribe to the list; to do that send the subscription message just explained, for instance by clicking on

Calculus Reform

calc-reform is a discussion list devoted to the reform of curriculum and pedagogy for calculus and elementary linear algebra, including differential equations.

Calculus Reform Digest

calc-reform-digest is a digest form of the above list.

Real Analysis

real-analysis is a discussion group intended to support an exchange of ideas concerning real analysis in one and several variables. Some appropriate topics include continuity, integration, differentiation, topology of Euclidean spaces and real harmonic analysis.
This list is moderated by ( Lee Larson).

Fermat's Last Theorem

fermat is moderated by Ken Ribet (Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley). It is intended as a discussion group for topics related to Andrew Wiles' recent proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

The following discussion lists are for certain issues in relation to mathematics. These services are provided through e-MATH by the American Mathematical Society to help interested mathematicians to communicate with one another about important current issues.

Graduate Education in Mathematics


Undergraduate Education in Mathematics


K-12 / University Connections in Mathematics


Industrial/Academic Connections in Mathematics


SGML-Math is a discussion group about SGML and its impact on publishing in the mathematical sciences. It is moderated by Paul Grosso of Arbortext Inc. It is part of an AAP-initiated effort to revise the existing SGML/DTD fragment for marking up mathematics so that it can be widely adopted by scholars, software developers, and publishers.

SGML-Tables is a discussion group about the encoding of tabular material in SGML. This is of importance in trying to mark up mathematics. It is moderated by Paul Grosso of Arbortext Inc.

The SAMATH - the Saudi Association for Mathematical Sciences List and MathMagic lists are no longer on e-MATH.

German-language lists

Informatik und Kommunikation - Deutsche Mathematische Gesellschaft

IuK-DMV ist Teil der gemeinsamen Mailing-Liste der Deutschen Mathematiker Vereinigung (DMV), der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft (DPG), der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) und der Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), die geht auf das Bestreben dieser wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaften zurück, auf dem Gebiet der elektronischen Information und Kommunikation (IuK) zu kooperieren.

Subscribieren und Pflege der Adressen
Das Tool Majordomo gestattet Ihnen selbst, sich in den Verteiler IuK-DMV einzutragen (bzw. zu löschen). D.h. auch für die Pflege Ihrer Adressen sind Sie selbst verantwortlich. Z.B., zum eintragen bitte schicken Sie dazu eine Mail an:
Im Body der Mail hat zu stehen:
subscribe IuK-DMV
das Subject-Zeile wird nicht berücksichtigt.

Für die Mailing Listen IuK-<FG> wurde eine automatische Archivierung eingerichtet. Es gibt ein Archiv IuK-DMV, wo Sie alle Mails, die über den Verteiler IuK-DMV gelaufen sind, finden.

Alle Mailing-Listen liegen in der Kollektion "Electronic Conferences at ZIB" auf dem Hyper-G-Server des Konrad-Zuse-Zentrums für Informationstechnik. Die URL dafür ist

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