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Mathematics Preprint Servers

This Directory of Preprint Servers makes available the current homepage URLs and email contacts of mathematical preprint and e-print servers throughout the world. It is a tool to help find these servers in order to browse the articles posted on them or to post an article to the server itself. The servers are divided into three categories: umbrella servers which cover all areas of mathematics such as the Front for the Mathematics ArXiv and the MPRESS/MathNet.preprints server, special subject servers and servers administered by mathematics departments and institutes. There is an additional link to retired preprint services.

Although automated procedures we will used to check the currency of the server URLs, we would appreciate being notified ( of any URL or e-mail contact changes, new preprint servers, consolidation of servers, etc.

NOTE: this system is under redevelopment from the previous one hosted on the AMS web site.

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